New Media, Marketing And PR Program for Top Advisors GUARANTEES Your Placement In Print Editions of USA Today, The Wall Street Journal & Over 100 Major Websites And Will Even Make You A Co-Author In A GUARANTEED Best-Selling Book - And Do It All In Just 12 Months!

Hi, my name is Nick Nanton, CEO of The Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding®  Agency. When I first started this agency, six years ago, I knew I needed to get the attention of busy and highly influential business owners all across the world.

Over the past six years we have continued to crack the code on helping top producers and leading entrepreneurs, like you, appear in mass media – the type of media that the public, and more importantly your clients, trust for their news and information on a daily basis.

The Ultimate Financial Branding Experience is your solution to gaining major media credibility, positioning yourself as an instantly credible thought leader and leave your local competition whining, complaining and chalk full of jealousy.

  I am going to GUARANTEE your placement inside a full-page spread in USA Today .
  Also, I am going to GUARANTEE your placement inside a full-page spread in The Wall Street Journal .

Then, I am going to GUARANTEE that one of my writers will create your core story and syndicate a piece of it on 100+ Major Websites.


  We will syndicate a portion of your story, with a link back to your website on, The Boston, The Miami, Wall Street Journal's, Yahoo and MANY more allowing you to say "As seen on" all of these big name websites, boosting your credibility online and offline!

Next, I am going to GUARANTEE you a publishing deal to co-author one of our new collaborative books which I will GUARANTEE becomes a best-seller, forever gracing you with the title, Best-Selling Author!

We have published 1,329 Best-Selling authors through collaborative books.




  Finally, I am going to celebrate your success with you at two live events and awards ceremonies.
  We will start in New York City, at the 2014 EXPY Awards where you will be honored with a Media EXPY  for your major media appearances.

  Next, it’s off to Hollywood, California to the Best-Seller’s Summit and Golden Gala Awards to accept your Quilly™ Award for Co-Authoring a Best-Selling book.




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