How to Build a Brand-Centered Newsletter

As a business, one of the most important things you can do is maintain top-of-mind awareness within your market. You want your business to be constantly on the minds of consumers in your market, so that even if they don’t currently need your services, when they DO need your services, you will be the name that pops to mind. There are a number of tactics that will help you achieve this goal—and one of the most powerful is a regular newsletter. A newsletter is an opportunity for you to stay in contact with clients and prospects, and for you to consistently remind your audience of your expertise.

There are plenty of variables to be considered. Should you publish a “hard copy”, or send your newsletter via email? What will the theme of the newsletter be? These are important questions—and the answer depends on many variables specific to your business. If you’d like guidance, feel free to get in touch with me!

Once you have determined your distribution strategy, it’s important to stay focused on your brand as you create the newsletter. A brand-centered newsletter will continually reinforce your perception as a market leader—allowing you to achieve the top-of-mind awareness you’re aiming for. Below are four tips to help you create a newsletter that powerfully communicates your brand:

1)     Get the visuals right. If a newsletter is to convey your brand, you must get the visuals right. This means prominently featuring your company logo, choosing the right colors, and including a picture of yourself if appropriate. If you can incorporate video into an e-newsletter, that’s even better!

2)     Give your readers opportunities to connect with you. Whether it is through Twitter or by attending a presentation you’re delivering at a local conference, continually urge your readers to connect with you—and give them multiple ways of doing so. Establishing an additional “touch point” beyond the newsletter is a great way to work a prospect into your sales funnel.

3)     Get creative. Your personal brand is unique, and your newsletter should be as well. Consider adding a section to your newsletter in which you share personal thoughts, such as analysis of your market, a breakdown of recent news that impacts your audience, or even an update on your family. If your newsletter is going to engage your audience and communicate your brand, you need to inject a dose of creativity. Think outside the box!

4)     Stick to your theme. Your newsletter should have a general theme or purpose—keeping local homeowners updated on the real estate market, or keeping business owners informed as to the latest changes to the tax code, for instance. Stick to your general theme and keep hammering your message home. Repetition builds familiarity—and eventually turns prospects into clients.

A regular newsletter is a fantastic tool for maintaining contact with your clients, former clients, and prospects. Done right, it also communicates your brand and builds awareness in your market. Take advantage of the opportunity!