Richard Branson, Lindsay Lohan, Jay Abraham and the New Rule of Engagement

I just got back from an amazing week of building relationships.

It started in Los Angeles Monday night when I attended Richard Branson and his mother’s charity event “Rock the Kasbah”, a private function with 350 people in attendance who gathered to raise money for budding entrepreneurship in Morocco. It was a star-studded event where I got the chance to meet and even interview the Billionaire, check out his somewhat fumbled answer to my question here.

I also got to watch Lindsay Lohan walk the red carpet and even chatted with her for a minute. Check out the video I shot here. The evening was rounded out by performances from Estelle, Gavin Rossdale and Natasha Beddingfield and was overall a huge success. It was great to see so many people supporting entrepreneurship in the global economy even in these unique economic times.

The rest of the week, I spent at an invite only mastermind group for 7-figure speakers and best-selling authors. It was a room filled with 100 of the most prominent speakers, marketers and businessmen and women of today. I was absolutely humbled to be invited to share the stage and speak about how to leverage new media to grow your business. I got the opportunity to share the stage with:

Jay Abraham (legendary business strategist)
Chet Holmes (Consultant to more than 60 fortune 500 Companies)
Jeffrey Hayzlett (Chief Marketing Officer of Kodak)
Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield (Authors of the 160 million-seller book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul)
Ron LeGrand and Robert Allen (Legendary Real Estate Educators)
Bill Bartman (Billionaire Oil Tycoon)
Bill Glazer (Dan Kennedy’s Business Partner)
Mari Smith (Social Media Expert)
Perry Marshall (World’s Leading Expert on Pay Per Click Marketing)
Alex Mandossian (Legendary Internet Marketer)
Joe Sugarman (Legendary Marketer and Founder of BluBlockers)
Ryan Lee (The Continuity King)
Andrew Lock, Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller (Internet TV Phenoms)
And the list goes on and on and on.

What struck me about this room was how genuinely friendly and willing to help all of these people were. They were all there to foster old relationships as well as to jump start new ones.

The conversation permeating the stage, every corner of the room, and the impromptu hallway brainstorming sessions was that of the new age of relationships. The main point being this:

Your customers and prospects are dying to engage online…but you’ve got to give them a good reason to engage with you!

And it was my good friend Andrew Lock, of that spelled it out in a flash, almost as if it were second nature, and I believe many people missed it! But here is the new rule of engagement:

Entertainment + Education = Engagement

That’s it! The reason why many forms of traditional media are losing their audience is because they are only focusing on either Education of Entertainment. And the ones that aren’t focusing on either, are shutting their doors even faster! It’s a simple, but brilliant concept. It’s what I’ve always tried to say, albeit much more clumsily, but Andrew put it perfectly. If you can give your clients and prospects Education and Entertainment, you’ll be the one they want to engage with and ultimately do business with.

Most of you are great at providing educational content, so if you’re wondering how to Entertain a bit more, check out Andrew’s videos at – he’ll give you some great ideas