The Bestseller List


It’s The Ultimate Business Sales Tool –
Become A Bestselling Author, Sharing Your Expertise With The World.

You’ve read bestsellers for years and always wanted to share your ideas with others. Now we can help you write your own – one that prospects, existing customers and even people you don’t know, will read to learn more about who you are and how you can help their business grow!

Nothing will cement your status as a Celebrity Expert more than becoming the bestselling author of a book that shares your expertise, and your story, with the world — and, most excitingly, with potential new clients. Not a great writer? Don’t know any publishers? Not a problem. JW Dicks and Nick Nanton will draw on their experience as bestselling authors of more than a dozen nationally-published books, including books by major publishing houses and hundreds of articles, to not only get your book written but promoted all across the world.

The best part is that you can achieve this success without lifting a finger — or touching a keyboard. Dicks and Nanton work with a dynamic stable of professional writers who will interview you extensively, craft and structure an outline and then write the book for you, covering your background, the launch and rise of your business and how you became an expert in your field.

Remember, books are a beachhead into a person’s mind. Readers everywhere will come to you as potential clients once they read your unique experiences and realize that no one has the kind of expertise you do!

We will then design your book to your liking and secure a publishing contract with our boutique publishing firm that will take your book all the way through production and distribution. There are a lot of books that are published that go nowhere because of the lack of promotion. But we guarantee promotion — geared toward reaching consumers who would most likely benefit from your business and specific expertise — that will turn your book into a bestseller on at least one major bestseller list. Bestseller status is something few achieve in their lifetime, it’s also recognition that once obtained will stay with you forever.

While some authors may see having a bestseller as the fulfillment of their dream, for you it’s also a tool to create a buzz, make you a powerful business conversation starter (not to mention a media darling) and yes, DRIVE CLIENTS AND CUSTOMERS TO YOUR DOOR!

Marketing this book correctly will be one of the most profitable things you’ll ever do. We’ll do it online and offline, from websites to radio shows, and soon you’ll be enjoying a spectacular increase in recognition and revenue. And who knows — maybe a spot on Oprah or Ellen!

To learn more or to get started today, contact or call us Toll-Free at 800-980-1626.