The Next Big Thing

What Do Oprah, Rush Limbaugh, Martha Stewart, Larry King And You Have In Common?
A Popular Syndicated Radio Show!

Always wanted to host your own radio show? Now’s your chance! All you have to do is start talking…

From Oprah to Rush Limbaugh, Martha Stewart to Larry King, many of our culture’s most famous and compelling celebrities communicate with the masses via popular radio shows. Now, with talk radio more popular than ever, we’re giving you the chance to draw in more customers and increase your business exponentially by becoming a radio personality!

Sound like fun? A dream too good to be true? Most people would love a shot at having their own radio show, but don’t know where to start. No worries — that’s where we come in. We have a “turnkey operation,” meaning we take care of the details to create a professionally produced radio show — all you have to do is show up and start talking about your business!

First, we send a portable “Radio Studio in a Box” with all of the equipment you need right to your door! All you need to start the show is a computer. We’ll even pair you with a seasoned radio host who will carry the heavy lifting of talking and asking questions. Then, we’ll train you to become a great radio personality. All you have to do is be a co-host and add your personality and expertise to the show. What could be more exciting than that?

Maybe this: We’ll create a dedicated, online radio channel for you through the iTunes® podcasting network and put your radio show out on the Internet in multiple formats. We’ll then syndicate it online through thousands of audio websites aimed at driving business to your door. It’s your choice whether you want to do the show once, twice or four times a month. We’ll even write, produce and record your own custom theme song to get your show off to a professional (and memorable) start.

Airing the show online is just the start of creating the buzz. We will show you how to use every show you do as a fresh marketing tool, attracting attention to you and your business. You can utilize your show content online, on CD, or have it turned into transcribed text; and then you can send any version of it to your clients and potential customers as a marketing piece or even create new information products out of them. The media you leverage from these shows can also be turned into special reports and books, which people around the world can check out. We’ve found that it’s the fastest and easiest way to generate new content for your business.

You’ve heard it before — personalities drive business! Why not put that principal into action today? Launch your own radio show and start getting results.

Just start talking!

To learn more or to get started today, contact or call us Toll-Free at 800-980-1626.