Your Very Own Magazine

Oprah, Steve Forbes, Rachel Ray
and Martha Stewart have all created profitable, niche publishing empires.
Now You Can Too!

You Don’t Have To Be A Superstar Celeb (YET!) To Design And Publish Your Very Own Magazine — It’s A Whole New Way Of Building Business In The New Economy!

Magazine publishing is the ultimate business status symbol of the new decade ahead — Oprah looking at you as you stand in the checkout aisle in the supermarket on the cover of her “O” Magazine (using her magazine to promote her business empire). Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart publish their own mags, too, sharing details of their lifestyles and business success in them that they only hint at on TV. And all you financial people out there know Steve Forbes and his family have been publishing “Forbes” forever, using it to promote their many businesses as well as their political agenda!

Let’s face it; this is the age of self-generated media. Now, it’s your turn to launch your very own magazine — and it’s surprisingly affordable, considering the incredible notoriety and revenue possibilities it will bring. The usual way it works is once someone becomes a huge celebrity, they launch their own monthly or bi-monthly mag. But with our help, you can make this a part of your Celebrity Branding® strategy — not just the fruit of it — and become your own media mogul.

Like many of our other services, this is a full “turnkey” operation, meaning we do the work from start to finish, while you wait for your business recognition and status to rise. After we write, produce, design and publish your magazine — and make it completely irresistible — it won’t just sit in boxes looking pretty and gathering dust. We’ll send it out to your potential clients and customers and deliver it to those who have identified themselves as people who are interested in learning more about what you have to offer. There is truly not a single more effective marketing tool you can use to promote your business than a monthly editorial piece that keeps people aware of what your business is doing, how you can help your customers, and why you are the ONLY choice!

While your competitors are happy to meet with prospective clients and let them slide into the abyss of “meeting but no sale,” we believe in the process of meeting with them and then generating media (like your magazine) that “drips” to them. It’s a slow and steady build, but well worth it. You and your message will continue to stay on your prospects’ minds until you become the obvious choice with whom to do business. No one else will even compare.

You can choose a black and white “traditional” newsletter, a mini-mag, a full-color feature magazine or a combination of all three. It’s up to you — and the time to launch your niche media empire is now!

To learn more or to get started today, contact or call us Toll-Free at 800-980-1626.