Credibility Maximizes Conversions: How Celebrity Expert Status Ramped Up This Realtor’s Business

John “Johnny B” Bretthauer, developed a thriving business as a Realtor, in the Central Valley. But something was missing.

Real Estate agents don’t relocate capriciously but he missed his family and has always loved Santa Clara County. So he made the gutsy decision to move . . .

Starting over during the “Great Recession” was more challenging than he expected – he felt he needed a real game-changer to boost his professional profile above the rest of the pack.

That’s why he turned to the Dicks+Nanton Celebrity Branding® Agency for some help. The Agency got him a publishing deal to co-author The Ultimate Home Buyers Guide, promoted the book to Best-Seller status, and booked him on their TV show America’s Premiere Experts, airing on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox affiliates across the country.

The results were quick to come.

“They took a picture of me on the set with Emmy Award winning director, Nick Nanton. I shared that and it caused quite a stir,” says Bretthauer. “After the show aired, I didn’t have to trot out my credentials to prove my credibility – people’s immediate assumption was that they were talking to the right person.”

The book’s release only accelerated the process. “It’s been really fun to watch. When I share my credentials as a best selling author, as well as being on TV and radio shows, there’s a difference in body language. Then, when I actually hand them the book with my picture on the cover, their heads literally snap back. The impact is incredible.” Bretthauer makes frequent appearances on radio programs and he’s begun to give away PDF copies of the book during his most recent ones. “The last time I did that, I got seventy-two leads from just one appearance.” He’s also found that conversions with those leads has increased on every level; “The success rate has been amazing.”

Bretthauer’s wife Vicki, who is also a realtor and works with him, was initially against the investment in working with the Celebrity Branding Agency®; as she thought it would be hard to calculate the ROI. She’s completely changed her mind after all the positive results – and new deals – that have come out of the experience.

But perhaps the best pay-off from Bretthauer’s Celebrity Expert® exposure is yet to come. “I sent a video of the things I was doing to an international investor, who wants to do a joint venture involving commercial and residential development projects. She took me to lunch and said she wants me to be the spokesperson for the projects; she’ll put up the money and we’ll be equal partners.”

“I was curious. Why me? She had worked with literally over a hundred agents. So I asked her.”

“Her answer? ‘You are the most credible.”

Oh, and by the way – at the lunch – she also asked Bretthauer to autograph a copy of his book!