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What They’re Saying…

Nick, I now have a link to the video of my appearance on your TV show on my marketing mailers. I’m loving it AND, my income has tripled! WooHoo! Thank you, because of you and your team, and your TV show that I was on…I can put myself into a much better place and hit up the higher priced homes because…I am the expert! ;).

– Loretta Washburn, Norfolk, VA



A big hello to all my new friends and the ever-expanding DNA family network! I am writing to once again express my thanks to Nick and Jack and Linda, (and all the crew on scene and those back in the sunshine state too!) for a fabulous marketing and media extravaganza.

Every individual event was fun and fruitful, and the culminating party at Fred’s really sealed the deal. As we were hugging and the flurry of business cards flew up to the very last minute, I knew something extra extra-special had occurred. Not only for me but also for all of us who had attended this 3 day event.

Thank you for all your individual and collective support during our event… I feel as if I have been rocketed into the next dimension, as they say!!!! – Deb Mech, San Diego, CA  

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