5 Steps For a Successful Social Media Profile

Creating social media profiles is an absolute MUST when it comes to your online marketing strategy. Social Media is a great way to expose your business and connect with your audience, so it’s important that your profiles are built to make a great first impression.

Here are 5 steps to follow to create a successful social media profile:

Profile Picture

Let’s start with the basics and discuss what to use for your profile picture. Many business owners question whether they should use a logo or person for their image, and here are my tips on deciding. Use a logo if you’re a business with a recognizable logo; however if you’re trying to personally brand yourself as a public figure, artist, musician, etc. then go with a personal picture. You will likely receive more engagement when users are able to connect with a person rather than a logo.

About Section

Make sure your about/bio/description section of your profile is completely filled out. This is where you get to explain your business to your customers, giving them a brief description of who you are and what you can do for them. Take advantage of this and incorporate keywords making it easy for your visitors to understand what you’re all about. Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes and include information you think they would want and need to know.

Cover Photos

Most social media channels have some form of background banner or cover photo section and it’s important to use this to your benefit. Create a photo that can give more information to your potential customer that you weren’t able to say in the bio section of your profile. You can use this area to promote an upcoming event, a service of the month, or additional information that would add to your credibility. When visitors come to your profile one of the first things they see is your cover photo, so it’s important to use this space wisely and grab their attention enough to make them want to stay on your page and learn more.

Include Links

One of the best ways to use social media is to drive traffic to your website, or other social media profiles. If you’re able to include any links whether it be your website or other social media channels, on the main page of your profile, make sure you have this filled out. Having these links easily visible on your profile will increase the chances of improving engagement on both your site and other channels.


And last but not least…show consistent activity on your social media profiles. Users are more likely to engage with a profile that is active rather than one that appears to be a ghost town. Come up with a game plan and create quality posts you believe your visitors would like to see and schedule them out consistently. It’s also important that you engage back with your audience! If you see someone like or comment on a post, show them your appreciation and join in on the conversation!


So if you’re starting your social media profiles from scratch or just need some help and you’re not sure where to start, use these 5 basic steps to ensure that your profiles are set up for success!

Source: CelebirtySites