Common Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

A website can be the first impression a potential client has of you, so it’s important to design a site that functions properly and gives visitors a chance to understand your brand message.

Don’t let improper web design effect your overall site engagement by avoiding these common mistakes:

 Bad Navigation:

Creating a site that is easy to navigate should be a top priority. Most users have a purpose coming to a site, and want to be able to find what they’re looking for easily. If your site navigation is poorly designed it can make potential clients lose interest fast and take their business elsewhere. Make sure your site is user friendly and convenient by incorporating a search bar and a well-designed navigation bar so that users can easily find what they’re looking for!


Quality of Content:

Don’t let the content on your website be an afterthought. Creating quality content throughout your site helps engagement from users as well as increase conversion rates. Create consistent content throughout the site that supports your brand message that will keep your users interest when visiting the site.

One way to determine if you’re lacking in the content department is too look at your sites bounce rate. A high bounce rate shows that visitors are leaving the site quickly, which could imply lack of interest in the content of the site.


Web Analytics:

Paying attention to your web analytics is key to designing a site that best meets your users needs. Make sure you properly set up your site analytics so that you can accurately track your website’s success.

Looking at your analytics you will be able to see what is and what is not performing the best on your site. You can use this information to make adjustments where they need to be, so that you’re improving your site with your visitors’ interest in mind.


Contact Information:

 Lack of contact information on your website can be bad for business. Any page a visitor is on should have contact information that is easy to access. You can resolve this by having a Contact Us link available on each page that leads the visitor straight to all the information they will need to know (Email, Phone number, Mailing address, Hours of operation).

When you’re ready to design your website remember to avoid these common mistakes and create a site that is simple and easy to use with the interest of your audience in mind!

Source: CelebirtySites