How to Build a Blogging Team

The good news is that your blog has taken off successfully. The bad news? It’s hard to keep up with the following. It may be time for you to create a team to help with the workload.

Not only can you distribute the task among other hands and relieve some of the stress, but you’re also getting a fresh look onto the subject. It always helps to have an extra pair of eyes and new outlook. Of course, you want a team that is just as passionate about the project as you are and accountable to keep the blog a success.

1. Finding the right team.

Choose those who want to write and have a passion for the industry. By choosing someone excited and rearing to go, you know that the content will be reflective of that. Once you’ve found the star players, bring them together and hold meetings to ensure everyone understands their role. A best practice is to have a written document of the responsibilities with a signature of the team member. By signing their name, the writer will really feel a sense of commitment to the team.

2. Communicate and manage the workflow.

Everyone plays an important role on the team; keeping this mentality fresh can produce the best work. Create a sense of accountability among your team and offer feedback, take suggestions to build a sense of teamwork. In an environment where people feel they’re voices matter, they’re more likely to perform at their best. With the right communication tools, it’s easy to keep everyone on the same page and collaborate with each other.

3. Create a brand and identity.

Give your team a mission among themselves as motivation to participate. At one of your weekly team meeting, an icebreaker could be to create this mission with input from everyone involved. It creates a sense of ownership on the team.

4. Develop resource materials.

By giving your team a clear direction will serve as motivation to perform at their best. You’re likely to get the results you want with specific instructions, open communication, and honest feedback. Resources may include: step-by-step posting instructions, examples of pervious work, constructive feedback, and concise deadlines.

5. Appoint an Editor.

By having the go-to person on the team, with the final say, you’ll see a collaboration form. An editor can ensure that the right questions are being asked, but ensure the team knows their opinions are still valued. Traits of a good editor include a focus but outgoing personality where a chat can turn into potential blog content.

6. Get your team’s opinion on content ideas.

As busy as it gets, be sure to always make time for those team meetings. It can help build relationships among your team as well as create a brainstorm for new ideas. Try to keep the meetings fun and enticing with icebreakers or games, rather than boring lecture-type meetings.

7. Report on blog performance levels.

Keep track of your blog’s performance; not only is it important for you to keep fresh the trends, you build on that sense of responsibility to the blog. Tracking the blog will give you ideas to create more posts relevant to what readers want and what is changing in the industry. With performance goals, it challengers your team to outperform themselves from previous posts.
Of course, once you assemble the dream team, it is not likely to see tangible results right away. If you know you have the right people, be patient and you’ll get the results you’re waiting for.

With your team, you can continuously improve the blog in question with a few simple steps:

1. Choose the right layout.

Make sure that your blog is enticing but not too distracting. You want to have meaningful content but also advertise other products too. Make it simple to navigate for the readers; if you add tools, such as a place to sign up for an email newsletter, make sure it is easily accessible.

2. Make it mobile.

If you are able, make your blog appear on mobile-friendly sites. People are more on the go than ever and, you know as well as I do, our phones are always in hand.

3. Share it!

Make your content easy to share among viewers and, if you can, add relevant content. You’ll build partnerships with others in the industries and be able to build off each other.

4. Keep an idea journal.

Ideas come at the most random times; Mickey Mouse came into Walt Disney’s head on a train! You never know when lightning will strike. By keeping a journal- or even the notepad app on your phone- handy, you’ll be able to keep track of your ideas and remember them!

5. Search for trends in the industry.

By finding out what others are talking about, you can capitalize on the trends. Typing keywords into Google, or even Twitter, can give you loads of ideas to see what others are already talking about. Join the conversation!

6. Re-release old posts.

Did you have a particularly good piece from ages ago? If the information is still relevant, you can revamp it and repost. It’s a great time-saver and can reach others that are fairly new to your account.

With these tips and tricks, your blog is set up for success!

Remember: Always be growing and changing with the times. It can keep your blog and your content new and fresh. With the right team and the right content, you will be able to reach a lot of people and boost your image and brand.

Source: CelebirtySites