How to Use Hashtags The Right Way For Your Marketing Strategy

Hashtags, when used correctly, can be a key player for your social media marketing strategy. They allow your content to be discoverable and connect you with other users with common interests. Hashtags are capable of increasing engagement and growing your audience through all social media channels.

By incorporating hashtags into your social media posts you can increase your social shares and expand your reach. However, knowing how to use hashtags properly is crucial in determining your success on social media.

Below are a few tips on how to use hashtags the right way for your marketing strategy:

Be specific:

The more specific your hashtags are the more targeted your audience will be. This will allow you to reach users who are more likely to be interested in your content, and want to share and continue following moving forward.

It’s important to know who your target audience is and to search relevant hashtags to see what is being use to attract these users. Searching hashtags will allow you to see what is and what is not working, so that you can create a specific hashtag that will work best for you.


Use on all social media channels:

Over time hashtags have become popularly used across all social media platforms except for LinkedIn. Using your hashtag multiple times across different channels allows for your audience to easily remember it and associate that hashtag with your business.

Hashtags are used differently throughout the different social media channels so check out these tips below:

Facebook and Pinterest: Get the best results by using one hashtag based off your content topic and one unique hashtag for your brand.

Instagram: You may see an overload of hashtags on several posts, but for the best results and to attract the right audience keep it at no more than 10 per post.

Twitter: Due to character count restrictions keep hashtags to a minimum (no more than two) for best engagement


Simple is better:

When deciding what hashtag to use simple is always better. Make sure you’re choosing to use something your audience will be searching for. Using a hashtag that is too long or difficult to spell will most likely not give you the best results.


The hashtag you choose should be short, and relevant to the subject so that you attract users who are interested in your content. Making sure that you use a simple and relevant hashtag will help you increase engagement and get the best results.


Trending hashtags:

Trending hashtags are hashtags that have become most popular across a specific social media channel. If you come across a trending hashtag that is relevant to your business, it would be to your benefit to use it. This will help you reach a much larger audience outside of just your followers and increase your brands visibility.


As you can see hashtags can be an effective marketing strategy to increase your business exposure and improve your engagement throughout your social media channels. Make sure to use these tips in your strategy to ensure your business success!

Source: CelebirtySites