How to Use Instagram Multiple Image Posts to Grow Your Business

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks with over 500 million monthly active users, so if your business is not using it, then you need to join now.

Their newest feature is changing the advertising game for businesses by allowing you to upload multiple photos and videos at once, and deliver a more complete marketing message.

Here are 4 creative ways to use the new feature to grow your business and showcase your products, services, and the value you offer:

Feature Products

There may have been times you have wanted to feature multiples photos of one product or service, but did not want to clutter your on screen feed of the same thing. With the new update you can share an entire album in a single post and highlight multiple products or features of a single product.

For example, Norwegian Cruise line features a “first look” experience of a new cruise ship by posting multiple photos of the layout for their followers to see:

How – To Tutorials

Step-by-step guides are now easier with the multiple image post format. You can walk your followers through the steps on how to use a product or service by splitting the steps into different sections and including images or videos to demonstrate each one.

Showcase an Event

Have an event coming up? Spread the word faster and easier to all your followers by uploading multiple photos or videos. You are able to give a full view of what to expect and when to be there all at once and get your followers excited to attend the event.

For example, Tony Robbins uses the feature to promote an upcoming appearance on the Dr. Oz Show:

Gain Follower Feedback

Allow your followers to share their opinions on certain products or services by sharing multiple photos for them to vote on their favorite. This allows you to interact with your fans and make them feel like they have a voice and that their opinion matters to you.


Get the full benefit of using Instagram’s newest feature by applying these tips above to successfully market your business!






Source: CelebirtySites