Publishing a book is a fantastic way to help more people and grow your business. It’s what we did with our first best-selling book, ‘Celebrity Branding You,’ which helped launch DNA.

Our publishing team takes the pain out of the book writing process. We work with you every step of the way from conception through writing, editing and finally the publication of your book.

You’ll also have the opportunity to become a Best-Selling Author, which will position you as a ThoughtLeader®️ in your field.

Nick and JW launched the National Academy Of Best-Selling Authors in 2010 to recognize and honor the works of authors who have achieved Best-Seller status. The Academy has inducted legends such as Brian Tracy, Michael E. Gerber, Jack Canfield and more.

We hold an annual event, The Best-Seller’s Summit and Golden Gala Awards, to recognize the accomplishments of Best-Selling Authors. We gather authors from around the world to award them the Quilly Statue, which is made by the same group that produces the Oscars and the Grammy Awards! We present the awards in the heart of Hollywood, at the historic Roosevelt Hotel, the site of the first ever Oscar Awards.

The event is an opportunity to learn from the world’s top ThoughtLeaders®️ and join in a celebration of entrepreneurship and authorship with a group of peers and other Best-Selling Authors.

Contact our Business Agents®️ at 800.980.1626 to inquire about writing your own book or to sign up for our Best-Seller’s Summit.

You all did an amazing job with everything surrounding the publishing and promotion of “Ignite Your Business. Transform Your World.” From the exciting launch event in New York City to the advice on and management of the promotional campaign to the awesome results – we’re on the best seller list! – I could not have hoped for a more professional and fun experience. Onward and upward.

— Linda A.B. Miller 

The guys together have this symbiosis of ideas and creativity together that are unparalleled.

— WILLIAM UMANSKY, Esq. Best – Selling Author of Power Principles or Success

These people help you craft your message, bring it out to the masses and make you, in fact, the expert. Not only a local expert, but an expert in your field. They help you tell your story to the most people out there. It’s wonderful. These guys are cream of the crop, probably the best people in the world for taking what you do and giving you the branding that you need to make you a celebrity, so to speak, in your field.

— Sasha Miletic Best – Selling Author of Victory!